We recommend a thermostat stand for Hyundai Terracan with +2″ body lift. The base is used to eliminate the effect of raising the radiator with the body lift, which causes problems with venting the cooling system. As we all know efficient cooling system is a key element of off-road vehicle reliability. We have found it […]

We recommend the snorkel plate for the Hyundai Terracan. It protects against snow and other messy materials and looks aesthetically pleasing. Note: In order to ensure proper air flow to the engine, several holes need to be drilled in the side of the snorkel, so that the surface of the holes matches more or less […]

We recommend a very solid aluminium (PA6) tapered body lift for the Hyundai Terracan. The use of a stepped body lift on the Terracan allows for the use of higher rear springs while maintaining the horizontal geometry of the car. The body lift is mounted in the factory holes and the whole structure is reinforced […]

The strengthened body lifts of our production for Hyundai Terracan provide a solid connection between the body and frame using M12 bolts in class 10.9 and nuts in class 10. We do not save on safety. Included: 10 spacers made of PA6 hard aluminium – fi60, 10 hexagon bolts, galvanised, class 10.9, 10 hexagon nuts, […]

We recommend the winch mounting plate for Hyundai Terracan, designed to be mounted with the original bumper. The plate and fastening elements are made of 6 mm thick steel and covered with powder varnish. The set includes the plate, elements and bolts for fixing them and additional bolts for fixing to the frame (additional holes […]

We recommend the spacer of wishbone for Hyundai Terracan, designed for suspension with a lift. Work height is: 15mm, 25mm, 35mm, 45mm Spacer with a ball joint in the photo for illustrative purposes. Depending on availability, it is possible to purchase spacers with ball joints. The spacer is made of PA6 aluminum with black coating. At […]