We recommend a very solid aluminium (PA6) tapered body lift for the Hyundai Terracan.

The use of a stepped body lift on the Terracan allows for the use of higher rear springs while maintaining the horizontal geometry of the car.

The body lift is mounted in the factory holes and the whole structure is reinforced with M12 bolts of 10.9 grade which ensures a secure connection between the body and the frame.

Body Lift tapered / stepped Hyundai Terracan

In set included:

  • 8 spacers made of PA6 hard aluminium – fi60,
  • 8 hexagon bolts, galvanised, class 10.9,
  • 8 hexagon nuts, galvanised in class 10,
  • 8 spring washers, galvanised,
  • 16 expanding washers, galvanised,
  • 6 steel bushings

Body lifts are fitted in standard holes which need to be reamed.
The cushions also need to be reamed.
This is the only additional operation required to mount a solid and safe body lift in a very easy way.

All elements that we present in the series powered by Beskidzkie4x4 were and are currently tested in our vehicles in difficult or extreme off-road conditions.

Note: Body lift is a tuning element. The buyer by installing it declares that he does so solely at his own risk and will not make any future claims against the manufacturer and/or distributor of the product.

By making the purchase, the Buyer declares that he/she has full knowledge necessary to assess the durability of the subassemblies necessary for the proper functioning of the body lift in the selected application.