We recommend rear upper control arm spacer for Mitsubishi Pajero III, Pajero IV designed for suspension with lift.

The working height of the spacer is 30mm.

The price is for a set: 2 spacers made of aluminum + 2 spacers made of steal + bolts (10.9) + nuts (10)+ washers + 2 ball joints.

The distances 20mm is made of aluminum in the uncovered version.

The distances 10mm is made of steal in the uncovered version.

The distance is mounted in the serial holes. Note: When installing the spacer, provide a new mounting location for the bumper.

All items we present as part of the series powered by Beskidzkie4x4 have been and are continuously tested in our vehicles in difficult or extreme off-road conditions.

Note: The spacer is a tuning item, intended for off-road use. By installing it, the buyer declares that he/she does so, solely at his/her own risk and will not make any future claims against the manufacturer and/or distributor of the product.

The buyer, by making the purchase, declares that he/she has all the knowledge necessary to estimate the strength of the components necessary for the correct functioning of the spacers in the selected application.